Present, Provide, Pursue and Perfect




Our Vision 


Jesus Christ is the center of everything we do at

Emanuel Assembly. He said, “And when I am lifted

up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself” (John

12:32 NLT). We believe this whole-heartedly because everything

we do stems from our love for Jesus! Christ should be Lord over

the entirety of life, both for the Individual and the Corporate Body!

From this foundational belief, we embrace the following values.



Our devotion to God reflects in our worship! We believe

this to be a vital part of our faith! We want to be a people

who yearn for the Presence of God in all facets of life,

both privately and corporately! The worship of God

becomes a lifestyle for all who believe in Him.



Our desire is to promote a community that reflects

Christian values. This begins with individual devotion, to

faithful friends and families, to small groups within the

city, and eventually to the whole world!



The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to man’s plight of


The only way this answer can be realized is for the

"Community of Believers"

to go forth and present this Message of Hope to


believes in Him! 

Our mission is to be a part of God’s Mission:

The extension of His hand to the lost ones in order to bring

them into a daily fellowship with Him and that they might


Everlasting Life!